New Zealand Multisport Champs - 3D

3D Mutlisport Champs were never on my radar, especially considering how tired I was after Xterra Malaysia, until a week before the race where I thought now that I am able to kayak (some what) I may as well have a crack and see how I went. 

I lined up extremely nervous, hoping to get through the kayak and onto the bike without any trouble. After a cautious start I was away and felt alright. I held my own for the first 4.5km lap (still way behind the leaders) and was feeling alright the last buoy on the lap I lost concentration and before I knew it, I was in the water next to my kayak. After a couple of attempts I was finally able to get back in and get going again, only with my pride and confidence dented. 

Finally I was out of the kayak (didn't fall out on the second lap!) and onto the bike. My legs felt horrible out of the kayak and I could barely run. On to the bike and I felt better and was able to push straight away. My plan was just to smash the bike and use the home course to my advantage. I had an awesome ride (and have to thank every one who let me past...I had to pass A LOT of people) and came out of the bike in 5th. 

I hadn't done much after Xterra Malaysia so I was unsure how the body would feel on the run. I headed out with Sam Manson who immediately smashed it and put a small gap into me. The 3D run is one of the hardest out there, with a big climb to start each 5.5km lap (two lap run). Sam pulled away up the climb but I still had him in sight and I bridged up to him through the undulating stuff at the end of the lap. This was as good as it would get though as I could tell the effort and my form level catching up with me. The second lap turned out to be pretty slow with Sam pulling away. 

On the descent I caught and passed Black Dirt Adventure team mate Sam Clark who had led off the bike, but was injured so couldn't run freely at all. Passing him, I moved in to 4th and managed to hold onto this position to the finish. I'm pretty happy and surprised at the level I was at considering my build up to the race, but also a little disappointed to just miss out on the podium. 

I am looking forward to improving my kayaking and coming back next year and having a real crack at this year.

Also as a result of this race I have been selected for the NZ team to travel to Perth and race the Augusta Adventure fest at the start of November! I can't wait for that race as it also includes a 2km swim which should suit me and negate the kayaking advantage of others...hopefully!