RATS Winter Duathon

The day after the Manawahe 6 hour adventure race, myself, Cabin and Sonia, decided that one race for the weekend wasn't enough so we jumped into the RATS Duathlon, a short 4.5km run, 15km mtb, 3km run. 

Riding out to the race I could tell I was tired from the day before. I went for a little run before the race though and felt pretty good running. The plan for the day then was to go out hard on the first run and hope I start to feel a bit better on the bike.

I got a good start and got a small gap, feeling pretty good. Lewis Ryan had gone out hard behind me and was trying to stick with me. I kept increasing the pace and soon I couldn't hear or see him behind me, but I knew that smart Cabin would be pacing himself, so I had to be careful.

I felt awesome at the end of the run and had managed to get a good gap going into the ride with Cabin and Lewis behind. I had a pretty steady ride and extended my gap, but only by a little bit, the boys behind were having a good battle and pushing each other to catch me.

Into the last run and I was feeling pretty tired, but luckily I had a good gap so I didn't have to push it too much. I managed to take the win with Cabin in 2nd and Lewis in 3rd. Another good weekend banked, and everything seems to be looking good leading into Black Dirt Adventure's trip to China!